Aaron Shaw

I began playing the pipes in 1976. As a full-time piper, I have played countless weddings for everyone from hollywood celebrities to expatriate scots. I have played for hundreds of memorial services, sadly including too many for law enforcement and fire department officers lost in the line of duty. I have appeared on- and offscreen in many films and television shows. I have recorded many tracks on many cds for bands that I have played in as well as for other artists, some very well known and others just starting out. I have performed on stages all across the country before thousands of people and competed successfully at the highest level in the States and overseas. The point of all this is to assure you that I am prepared for anything that you may want in a piper and nothing will rattle me. If I’m playing for you you can be assured of having a fully competent piper who will guarantee your complete satisfaction.

In addition to the Great Highland Bagpipes (the pipes everyone thinks of as “the Bagpipes”) I also play the Scottish Smallpipes and the Irish Uilleann pipes. The Smallpipes are a quieter, sweeter version of the Highland pipes and are a nice alternative or addition to indoor performances in smaller spaces. The Irish Uilleann (pronounced ‘illin’) pipes are also quieter than the Highland pipes and have a particularly haunting quality when playing slow tunes. Please check the Sound Samples to hear all these different pipes.


I’ve played for countless weddings over many, many years and am fully prepared for whatever you may wish. It's your special day.


During my many years as the main piper for the Los Angeles Police Department and the LA County Sheriffs I played for many services...


Parties, Piper-grams, corporate or civic events, whisky tastings, St. Patrick’s Day, are just a few of the things I’ve been called to do...

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highland bagpipes

These are what first comes to mind when we think of “Bagpipes.” Kilted pipers marching in parades, a lone piper on the battlements of a Scottish castle or moor, the sound heard above the noise of battle- the Great Highland Pipes were there. This majestic instrument invokes half-remembered images of distant ancestors and foreign lands, powerful emotions from great joy and wonder to deep sorrow. Perfect for occasions you want to be remembered- Highland Pipes are loud and proud. Don’t ask for them to be turned down- with no volume control they’re either loud or off!

Amazing Grace

Flowers of the Forest

Scotland The Brave

Skye Boat Song

scottish smallpipes

Sometimes called ‘Chamber pipes’ these are the quieter, sweeter cousin of the Great Highland Pipes. A bit softer than a violin, these are a great alternative or addition if you’re looking for something a bit more “background” or in smaller spaces- just right to keep the Celtic flavor going during cocktail hour after your wedding ceremony.

Aaron and Lesa

irish uilleann pipes

If you’re wanting that plaintive, haunting sound from Enya or the theme from “Titanic” these are the pipes for you. Quieter than the Great Highland Pipes but louder than the Smallpipes, this instrument has a greater range than the other two and carries a particularly haunting quality in slow tunes. It’s important to note that the Uilleann pipes can only be played while seated so don’t be looking for any marching!

Irish Uilleann Pipes